Critter House


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Intro Video

Critter house is an edutainment app focusing on bringing excitement to reading for elementary school children. The main goal of the game is to collect as many Critters as the child can. To get these critters, they read to the Critters they have through voice recognition in the app: those Critters can be sent on adventures to find new friends and furniture for the home. Parents will have the ability to set the reading level of the books available to the child through a Parent portal. Parents will also be able to purchase Special Critters for their child. These are stuffed Critters that come with a book, both pieces can be downloaded into the game and be used in the app. The Special Critters will not be find-able in the game and each will have Special Skills or effects. Parents will also be able to set up connections to their child’s friend’s account, so they can talk to each other through the app, and see their critter homes.




Prototype of basic app made with

Intro Video

The video that first plays to show a kid what to do.