This portfolio website is a collection of the most refined projects completed during my time at Flagler college and continuing work. I have a passion for branding, typography, and illustration. I regularly practice techniques with new media on and off the computer to make me a more well-rounded artist. I have included an area for individual illustrations to highlight new projects as they develop. Please reach out if your business or you, personally, need anything! I am a very flexible artist, with the background of a marketing professional, ready to create beautiful designs to intrigue your audience. 


Ad Design


Printed Banner Designs and In-Page ads



Ad Design


Email Design

Marketing emails sent to everyone that had previously stayed at a Carousel Group property, or signed up for them online.

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Social Media



Brand Design


Kade Construction

Local contracting business that specializes in playground installation. 

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Sea Salt Retreat

Branding for an AirBNB aiming to be a cut above the others in the area. 

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Flipped Can Painting

Logo design for a brand new house painting business in New Jersey. The design was built following client’s requests. 

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Print Design




Real Estate Photography

As a member of the marketing team for a group of hotels, I learned  real estate photography on the job, including capturing the view of the windows with the interior without compromising either. Each building wanted to focus on their proximity to the beach, which is a huge draw for this area. Through this I was able to develop my style for photography, focusing on bright and colorful attributes to bring home a beach-y, family-friendly atmosphere. 


This is the FUN section! This is where creativity gets to play. Most graphic design is centered on problem solving, these illustrations are for entertainment. Maintaining traditional artistry skills helps bring life to other graphic design projects.

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