KADE Construction


New Logo, Color, Fonts

Form Making

Billing, Quotes

Business Material

Business Cards, Magnets

KADE Construction is a family-run business dedicated to improving construction in Maryland and Virginia. The company is beginning to expand into more professional markets and playground installations. They have been hired by other businesses and have received city contracts for large jobs. Their branding and accessibility have been revamped to incorporate small contracts and more prestigious ones. This project brings together the KADE brand through stationary for contracts, billing and business cards, and their website built for the every-day client. KADE is a professional business designed to gain the trust of larger business without alienating their individual homeowners.

After extensive brainstorming and multiple iterations this was the final logo decision.

This logo focuses on the playground installation aspect of KADE to usher the company into a new era of construction. They are based on the coast of Maryland, so the colors were chosen to integrate the sun and water. The colors imply the outdoors, as well. 

Back of card

Front of card

Business Cards



Form Making

New branded forms meant to be printed out and hand-written for clients.