SeaSalt Retreat


Logo, Color, Fonts


Mockups, existing

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Styling, plan

Sea Salt Retreat is a brand created for an AirBNB location. This project includes a full brand guide for a cohesive experience, packaging provided in the room, and some merchandise options. Sea Salt retreat aims to provide a comfortable home for adults visiting Ocean City, Maryland. There are informational packets with coupons to all the local hotspots, a host with extensive knowledge of the area, and a cozy place to sleep. The Sea Salt Retreat brand will have nautical themes with a professional touch to match the current interior design of the home.  




This logo had a clear-cut path from the beginning; some simple text, and nautical color schemes to match the existing interior design of the AirBNB. 

Any merchandise available from Sea Salt Retreat will follow the brand standards with minimal design. Any products must encourage good behaviors of a responsible visitor to the beaches.