A Great Designer Brings Passion,

Discipline, and Joy 

Starbucks has inspired me for years. While I worked through college, I spent every spare moment leading my local store. I love the joy a single sup of coffee can bring to someone. I loved connecting with people to spark a curiosity in them, to try something new. As a designer, I love to try new things and experiment to see where a design can take me. Changing a little something here and there to see what creates the right mood. 

On this page, I wanted to share the projects I created that were inspired by Starbucks or made for Starbucks. I want to share the love I have for the Starbucks brand with you. 

Hiring Poster

I created a poster to help increase the applications received for a store I supervised. 

I used colors and styles from a summer launch to create an exciting poster that stood out from the menu boards. This was a wonderful opportunity to support my team and continue to study the branding identity of Starbucks.